Surfaces for successful product innovation:
From the prototype to the serial product

We are service providers in product development for R&D units, prototypers and model builders.

Prototyping, model building, the industry

As soon as things get specialised and have to be produced rapidly, PS Oberflächen is there to assist the manufacturing companies. We are active in product development for small service providers in the fields of model building and rapid prototyping to an equal extent as we are in the R&D units of large industrial companies.


•  Development of ideas for surface design
•  Selection of coating alternatives
•  Re-creation/shading of colours and effects
•  Sample production
•  Coating of components and post-processing
•  Small series production (e.g. special editions, limited editions)


MODEL BUILDING– The processing of file formats and materials in conventional prototyping processes are our daily work. Over and above the development of the appropriate surfaces, we also offer complete model building solutions from the field of rapid prototyping in collaboration with our network partners.

Our highest priority is the confidentiality surrounding your ideas and projects. In our exhibition rooms, interested parties can obtain a lot of information on technical possibilities, for example based on released model samples. However, guests do not have access to our production halls and warehouses.

INDUSTRY – Our workshop is completely orientated towards the realisation of excellent surfaces for individual pieces, prototypes or small series regarding system equipment, work organisation and employee training. In economic terms, large serial productions are hardly feasible. We have consciously rejected trying to balance mass and class and have concentrated on our strengths. We are happy to recommend suitable industrial paintshops to you for projects involving contract manufacturing in serial production.

Prototyping procedure

•  File formats: stl, igs, step
•  Stereolithography
•  Laser sintering
•  3D printing
•  Vacuum/injection moulding
•  FDM/HSC/CNC milling


Chrome look

Partners in the production process

Surface solutions for R&D, rapid prototyping right up to the production of small series


Laser sinter parts, chrome optics coating

Model part, plastic, chrome optics coating

GFK Model, chrome optics coating blue, white coloured

Photo model, chrome optics gold
Model by: Arndt von Hoff
Photo by: Thomas Hannich

Model making

Parfume bottle, chrome optics coating

Final inspection

Maquet model, chrome optics coating, soft-touch coating black

Model part, PS real metal coating, grinded, coloured

Handles, ABS, chrome optics coating, colour glazed

Vacuum cast model, chrome optics coating, lacquered in black, gold, dark yellow

Standard part, chrome optics coating

Glassware, chrome optics coating, colour glazed