Contract manufacturing from a batch size of 1 with special paint products

We have consciously rejected trying to balance mass and class and have concentrated on our strengths in the production of individual pieces and small series.


PS Oberflächen can provide further assistance in the field of contract painting/production when a product becomes specialised and has to be completed rapidly. Our workshop is completely orientated towards the realisation of individual pieces and small series up to quantities of approx. 1,000 per month.

We create individual surfaces, taking a great detail of effort to ensure that they are of an unusually high quality. To do this, we use unusual effect paints to an equal extent as we do the tried and tested industrial paint series by the big paint manufacturers – just as you require it.


Product info

Special or rapid? Contract painting for small batches


MV Agusta, limited edition, multicoloured painted, sealed with clear coat, mirror polished

Award, limited edition, chrome optics coating

Hertrampf Racing Team, limited edition, special lacquering, mirror polished