Soft-touch: Enhancement of components through haptical effects

Soft-touch surfaces make your product a delight to hold.

Soft-touch surfaces

In the Soft-touch procedure, we present surfaces with visual and haptical effects. The coated product can feel, for example, velvety soft or can imitate high-quality leather both visually and haptically.


•  Different visual and haptical impressions can be presented (leather, velvet, textiles)
•  Soft surface which is pleasant to the touch gives the impression of a sophisticated material and a high-quality product
•  Smooth surface structure without separation lines or seams
•  Easy to clean using glass cleaning products

Areas of application

•  Wide area of application for prototyping and model building via interior design up to the small series production of interior parts
•  Inexpensive production of haptical effects (e.g. the replacement of real leather parts)
•  Finishing procedures for parts such as: Consoles, handles, switches, locks, etc.
•  Product examples: Vacuum cleaners, perfume bottles, vehicle interiors, etc.

Sophisticated surfaces in interior spaces which are pleasant to the touch



Denise Julia Reytan, rings, soft-touch coating green, black, gold, red, silver

Egg chair, soft-touch coating white

Luigi Colani, biro, soft-touch coating black

Vehicle interior parts, soft-touch coating

Milk frother, ABS, soft-touch coating black

Computer mouse, series part, soft-touch coating grey

Trey, soft-touch coating black