The 1980‘s

The foundation stone for the connection between tradesmanship and understanding of design was laid by Peter Stücker when he trained as an automotive painter in the 1980’s and then accompanied the Luigi Colani Team around the world. Along with his companions, he executed the technical implementations which Luigi Colani thought up in his mad and revolutionary works.

The 1990‘s

At the beginning of the 1990’s, Peter Stücker founded what is today P.S. Oberflächen GmbH in Westphalian Sassenberg. Initially, the business was mainly active as a classic automotive paintshop, but towards the turn of the millennium, the founder increasingly pursued his passion for special surfaces, developing links with the industry and to development units from large brand companies.

The 2000‘s

With the entry of Moritz Haring as Managing Partner and Plant Manager in the year 2002, the core business could be expanded. In addition to the independent development of new, exciting surface solutions, unusual objects were created in collaboration with customers from the fields of architecture, design, shop and trade fair construction.


From experience gathered through representations at many trade fairs since the year 2009, and from the growing demand for individual surfaces, the idea of an in-house materials exhibition was formed. The showroom opened in 2013 found its perfect location in the centre of an old industrial culture in Sassenberg. Customers from P.S. Oberflächen GmbH use this unusual room to obtain inspiration and to create new projects.